NominoData™ and Integra Systems Queensborough™ Partner for Negative News Integrated Search Capability

Negative News is valuable because organizations don’t have the manpower or resources to adequately research whom they conduct business with. A typical Google search is not going to provide the information or accuracy you need in the time you need it.

“We know the challenges resulting from heightened regulatory scrutiny and transparency demands placed on Financial Institutions to know their customers,” said Robert Goldfinger, President, NominoData. “I know how important it is to get relevant risk entity information pertaining to Negative News, Sanctions/Watch-lists and PEPS to the business units and people who need it. Our solution when combined with Integra’s technology platform brings a compelling value proposition to the market.”

What makes the partnership unique?

Robert Goldfinger and Patrick Brown bring a unique blend of law enforcement, banking, and compliance experience that is not matched by any other organization. NominoData has a rare Negative News search capability that provides companies a glimpse into the people they are working with. Integra Systems has a platform IQAutoscan™ that makes the Negative News search seamless for all involved. This product can easily be integrated into any system to make taking advantage of Negative News easy.

Nominodata and Integra Systems are helping organizations save time, save money, and to stay compliant.

“Our systems take a complex task and make performing a search simple. A typical Google search will have 100,000 hits and 99% of them have nothing to do with the research. We provide great time-stamped research to validate searches in case of an audit. You just type in the name and our unique algorithm finds all the negative news on that individual within a second. It’s truly a game-changer for the industry.” – Pat Brown 

Who is NominoData?

NominoData LLC NominoData LLC (, is a technology company formed to help clients with worldwide identity, compliance and risk management issues associated with modern day commerce. Ranging from banks to multinational corporations, NominoData provides a combination of industry-leading technology on-line. Our founders harness their collective intelligence and leverage their expertise in Risk Management, Security, Search, Name /Entity recognition, data analysis and extraction into innovative and productivity-boosting products that revolutionize their field. NominoData also provides consulting services to help organizations stay compliant with executive level criminal investigation services and CAM’s. 

Who is Integra Systems?

Integra Systems ( was formed in 1994 by banking and IT professionals. The company has extensive experience in regulatory compliance, lending, operations, and financial reporting. 

Integra Systems can help all industries comply with the OFAC, BSA, Patriot Act, and Red Flag requirements. In addition, Integra Systems provides interfaces to third parties, which integrates our OFAC and Red Flag (CIP) functionality within most solutions.