Client Satisfaction

How do you know which organization to help you remain compliant? Quite a few companies might offer solutions to help you tackle red flag rules or become OFAC compliant. So it’s easy to see what’s similar:

  • Identify verification solutions
  • Fraud prevention solutions
  • Multitude of watch lists like:
    • PEP
    • EU/UN/UK
    • FinCEN

With so many similarities, why choose Integra?

After 18 years in banking and finance we have been able to create off-the-shelf and integrated products to meet any organizations unique needs. We provide many of the product solutions for OFAC compliance, the Bank Secrecy Act and Risk Assessment.  We’ve streamlined our services by offering web service integration in order to provide you with “real time” calls for OFAC and ID verification.

We value relationships at Integra. Our clients can call us anytime – they don’t get a call center. We gauge our success on our ability to help our clients.

We do what we can to help! We could go on and on about why this is true, but we hope this letter from a client helps you see that we really mean what we say.


About Integra Systems

Integra Systems was formed in 1994 by banking and IT professionals. The company has extensive experience in regulatory compliance, lending, operations, and financial reporting.

Integra Systems can help all industries such as banks, insurance companies, automobile dealers, and others comply with the OFAC, BSA, Patriot Act, and Red Flag requirements. Integra Systems offers a broad range of products from stand-alone server solutions to web-based products in an effort to manage your risk and ultimately protect your company.

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