New Negative News Search Capability

NominoData™ and Integra Systems Queensborough™ Partner for Negative News Integrated Search Capability

The Negative News search engine provides compliance professionals a tool to access the latest and historical negative news for screening individuals and corporate accounts. The compliance solution significantly enhances the due diligence process by revealing risk relevant negative behavior.  Focused matching and an extensive data cache provide a more effective and efficient search solution compared to Google and other negative news search engines. The benefit is real-time risk information delivered at an aggressive price.

“We know the challenges resulting from heightened regulatory scrutiny and transparency demands placed on Financial Institutions to know their customers,” said Robert Goldfinger, President, NominoData. “I know how important it is to get relevant risk entity information pertaining to Negative News, Sanctions/Watch-lists and PEPs to the business units and people who need it. Our solution when combined with Integra’s technology platform brings a compelling value proposition to the market.”

What makes the partnership unique?

NominoData provides Integra Systems with industry leading negative news and enhances their technology platform and end user experience. Integra Systems provides decades of financial and regulatory experience with flexible and customizable compliance solutions. NominoData has successfully provided an efficient way for organizations to search Negative News.

The NominoData and Integra Systems blend has helped bring Negative News to the forefront of risk management.  NominoData has a unique Negative News search capability that provides companies with important risk related data pertaining to customers and other business contacts. It’s all about obtaining knowledge that results in reducing risk and meeting regulatory compliance mandates. Integra System’s platform, IQAutoscan™ ,  makes the Negative News search seamless for all involved. IQ AutoScan™ can easily be integrated into any existing system to take advantage of Negative News.

NominoData and Integra Systems are helping organizations save time, save money, and stay compliant.

“Our systems take a complex task and make performing a search simple. A typical Google search may have thousands or millions of hits and 99% of them are not relevant to the due diligence effort. We provide date and time-stamped auditing capabilities and reporting. You just type in the name and Nomino’s unique algorithm finds all risk relevant negative news on that individual, PEP or company within seconds. NominoData’s extensive Negative News cache is an industry leader. It’s truly a game-changer for the industry.” – Patrick Brown

Who is NominoData?

NominoData LLC ( is a technology company formed to help clients with worldwide identity, compliance and risk management issues associated with modern day commerce. Ranging from banks to multinational corporations, NominoData provides a combination of industry-leading technology online. Our founders harness their collective intelligence and leverage their expertise in Risk Management, Security, Search, Name /Entity recognition, data analysis and extraction into innovative and productivity-boosting products that revolutionize their field. NominoData also provides consulting services to help organizations stay compliant with executive level criminal investigation services and CAM’s.

Who is Integra Systems?

Integra Systems ( was formed in 1994 by banking and IT professionals. The company has extensive experience in regulatory compliance, lending, operations, and financial reporting. Integra Systems helps industries with OFAC, BSA, Patriot Act, and Red Flag (ID verification) requirements. In addition, Integra Systems provides interfaces to third parties, which integrates our solution set within companies’ internal systems.

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Robert Goldfinger, President



Patrick Brown, President/CEO, CAMS

Integra System Queensborough

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