Identity Theft and Healthcare

A young man takes a new and better job in Indiana and moves his family from Florida up to live with him. They move into a beautiful rental home with the desire to purchase it when their landlords are ready to sell. Everything was lining up perfectly, except that soon after the move, someone in Florida stole their identities and racked up hundreds of thousands in medical debt. When the couple tries to open a loan, they discover what has happened down in Florida.

Hope to own their first home seems pointless when they realize the immensity of the road to rebuilding and proving their innocence in the matter.

Medical identity theft is a real and troubling matter. The healthcare industry is just one of the new industries having to be OFAC compliant. If you are a provider, you are required to protect your patients, clients and/or your organization from identity theft.

Steven Toporoff, an attorney with the FTCs Division & Identity Protection wrote this, “Federal Trade Commission (FTC) found that close to 5% of identity theft victims have experienced some form of medical identity theft. Victims may find their benefits exhausted or face potentially life-threatening consequences due to inaccuracies in their medical records. The cost to health care providers left with unpaid bills racked up by scam artists can be staggering, too.”

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